The Slimline is our slim emergency enclosure ideal for a range of interior applications.

  • TP(a)

  • 850 Glow-wire

  • UV Stabilized

  • Impact modified polycarbonate base & diffuser

  • Available with our high performance Lumaax Diffuser

Our Slimline has been tested by the Lighting Industry Association to ensure it’s compliance with BS EN60598. As a TP(a) rated enclosure, the Slimline can be used in escape area’s as an emergency luminaire, with certification available for your technical files upon request.

Product Part Codes
Slimline White

Prismatic Lumaax

Prismatic Clear




Luminaire Assembly Service

Here at Penhale Quantock Ltd, we offer a luminaire assembly service to our customers. In addition to supplying our products as empty housings, our team can assemble the enclosures into filled luminaires. Moreover, we can assemble your luminaire’s straight from the machine, with your components, to your specification.

As members of the LIA, you can be assured that our production processes, together with our quality management system, have been designed to ensure the products you receive are of the highest quality.

Our Lighting Range

Our Lumaax is the highest performing diffuser on the market in comparison to the competition. When compared to the market standard opal, the Lumaax offers up to a 92% increase in Light Output Ratio in addition to the superior light diffusion. Together with the elimination of hotspots and glare caused by the LED boards, the diffuser subsequently increases the application range available for our enclosures. In addition to the reduction of dangerous glare, the Lumaax enables our customers to reduce their circuit watts as a result of its superior performance.